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Margaret Lloyd Environment Park - tall open forest.


Margaret LLoyd Park
Margaret Lloyd Park
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Margaret Lloyd Environment Park, Wilkes Road, Hampton Qld Map

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The Margaret Lloyd Environment Park conserves this small area of tall open forest, characteristic of the vegetation on the Great Dividing Range in the Hampton District. This park straddles the top of the Range and is included in the catchments of both the Brisbane River and Murray Darling River systems.

The  park is named in honour of the conservation values of one of the district's pioneer residents.


Dark green of trees stretching to azure sky.
Living beauty of our lovely world,
Cool shady retreat for furry animals, bright birds, and shelter for man and beast.
The blazing sun pours heat from a clear sky giving life.
Margaret Lloyd 1998


Margaret Lloyd

Margaret (6/10/1910 - 7/6/2009) was the daughter of dairy farmers Paul and Maud Doig. She was born in Crows Nest, educated at Merritts Creek and Geham State Schools, and Brisbane Girls Grammar School.

She became a teacher, beginning her career as a pupil teacher at Geham State School, after which she was transferred from the district.

She returned in August 1971 to live at Hampton and concluded her teaching career at Crows Nest State School.

Margaret had a passion for the environment and fought to have this area declared a park, free from development.


The park is Site H4 of the Hampton Bird Trail.

Habitat: Tall open forest infested with lantana and privet. It is currently being cleaned up by the TRC bushlands park staff.
Birds that have been reported in this location include Speckled Warbler, Brown Thornbill, Golden Whistler, Silvereye.


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