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Ravensbourne and District Landcare

Sustainable land use.

Ravensbourne landcare logo 100Formed 2001 to encourage management of natural resources sustainably, raise awareness of and foster cooperation between landowners

Meetings: At least bimonthly as advised by email, usually at Perseverance Hall. Perseverance Hall Rd and Bain Rd, Perseverance, QldMap

Perseverance Reserve

The group have done some rehabiltation work. There is a network of walking tracks and good birdlife down by Perseverance Creek. For more information.

perseverance reserve sign
Perseverance Reserve



Thu 6 Apr

General meeting

There will be a presentation and discussion about Ravensbourne and Perseverance/Palmtree from the 1870s – why the first settlers in the district settled where they did.  The presentation, to be led by Ian Eustace, was held over from last September.  Included will be a considerable amount of information retrieved from State Archives.  The documentation about several of the early land selections included diagrams of the types of vegetation present; the assessment of vegetation types determined the price that had to be paid.

Sun 9 Apr 

 McErlean Reserve, area something over 30 hectares, is located north-west of Ravensbourne Village.  Access to the southern end is via McErlean Road or Christy Road.  Access to the northern end is via a gazetted road that comes west from Ravensbourne Dip Road.  Most of the eastern and western boundaries of the reserve are shared with private landowners.

Council has partly completed the clearing of a firebreak just inside the perimeter of the block, thereby making at least some of the reserve accessible for the first time for some years.  The primary purpose of the excursion will be to consider if as a group, RDLG should encourage and assist Council to improve further progress the access.

Weather permitting, we plan to access the reserve via the property of the Groves family, probably sharing afternoon tea near the remains of the old Kynoch slaughter facility in Groves’ paddock near the north-west corner of the reserve.  We’ll make a final decision on the access route a few days before the 9th.