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Drive F

Hampton, Crows Nest Falls, Maria Creek.

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Return travel time – approx 2 hours.

Total Distance – 96 km.

The reconnaissance for this drive was undertaken in a Nissan Xtrail soft four wheel drive. Revised August 2015.

The trail is on public roads, mostly gravel or formed earth.
Some are in poor condition.
A high clearance vehicle or 4WD is recommended.
Leave gates as you find them.
Warning: Undertake this drive at your own risk.
Conditions change unexpectedly.
Routes may be untrafficable after storms and floods.
Beware of stock on unfenced roads. 
GPS directions may be unreliable.
Mobile phones may be out of range.
Odometer readings may vary by 0.5 km between vehicles.

This drive could be undertaken in a conventional vehicle.

Zero your trip meter at the Hampton Visitor Information Centre. 

0 Leave the car park and head north on the New England Highway to Crows Nest. 

You are 715 m above sea level. The New England Highway forms the Main Divide watershed. Water from the west of the highway flows eventually into the Murray-Darling and from the east into the Brisbane River catchment. Softwood pine plantations border the road. Mostly pinus patula and radiata. They take about 30 years to mature.  

11.0 Turn right in to Albert St at Crows Nest National Park sign. Police Station on corner.

11.4 Albert St becomes Three Mile Rd.

13.2Red deer farm on left.

17.0Keep straight on. Bitumen ends. (National Park turn on the right.) 

Diversion: Crows Nest National Park, picnicking, walking, swimming & camping.

19.7 Keep straight on Sebastapool Rd. (Dahl Rd. on left)



Scenic views of Cressbrook Dam wall, spillway, pumping station and lake expanse.

26.0Keep straight on. Lookout on the right with RFS water tank. Owen Rd on left. 

Views over upper section of Cressbrook Dam. Picnic spot but no facilities. 

27.1 Continue on to locked gate in to Toowoomba Regional Council water reserve. Retrace road to lookout. 

On your way back notice two pairs of concrete water reservoirs (S and SW). Part of Toowoomba’s water supply.

28.3 Turn right in to Owen Rd.

Almost pure stands of ironbarks line this road with cleared grazing land further back.


Beautiful stand of grass trees (Xanthorrea). Also note frequent tree pears (very spiny!). The fruit makes good jam is you can avoid the prickles.

33.4 Ivory Creek Cattle Dip. Creek crossing has firm bottom.

She-oak lined creek bed. Old slab hut alongside the cattle dip.

36.0 Turn right at T junction into The Bluff Rd. 

39.2 Turn left onto Maria Creek Rd to Anduramba.

This is part of a disused stock route. 

42.5 Eskdale West homestaed on right.

Quiz: As you pass through these cattle properties get the kids to identify Herefords (white face and brown), Murray Greys (grey), and Brahmin cattle (humped and grey/white.) 

46.2 Maria Creek crossing. 

48.9 “Avonmore” on left. 

50.4Turn right into McGreevy Rd at the T-junction. (Anduramba Range Rd to the left.)

50.6 Anduramba Hall on left. 

Picnic table, wood barbecue, toilet

51.3 Turn left onto Middle Rd. Bitumen road.

On left is a former dairy farm with abandoned buildings. 


Remnant Hoop and Bunya Pines on right.


56.1 Continue straight on (Vonhoff Rd on right). 

N7 Bird Trail further up this road to Lanaby Station gate. Not for soft 4WD. (See Bird Trails brochure).  

58.1 Turn left at T junction into Pierces Creek Rd towards Crows Nest. 

61.5 Turn right into Jones Gully Rd.

Gravel road round the curve. Very narrow part of disused stock route. Telstra towers on flat-topped basalt hill.

64.6 Extensive views of Bunya Mountains to the north west

65.7Continue straight ahead (Mountain Camp Rd on the left).

Many former dairy farms, now beef grazing properties. 

66.9 Mt Shem, Mt Ham, Mt Japheth to north.

Anduramba is a sunken depression nearly 6 miles across and 1000 feet deep, 550 feet above surrounding land. Striking views to Bunya Mountains (north-west), and Benarkin State Forest hoop pines (northern horizon.) 

70.3 Turn left into Tigell Rd. 

72.7 Rejoin New England Highway, turn left.

Crows Nest (12 km) or Hampton (a further 12 km). 





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