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Clifton 240 km

Haden, Goombungee, Drayton, Nobby, Clifton, Grantham

Visit historic Rudd's Pub in Nobby, the home of Dad and Dave.

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Clifton map

Crows Nest

Fuel up at Crows Nest Fuel Supplies.

Head north on the New England Hwy (A3) towards Cooyar.

Turn left on to Haden Crows Nest Rd


21 km

Haden Park is opposite the Haden Store. It has picnic facilities, a wood barbecue and a toilet. There is a 'history corner' in the park and a statue of a Brush Turkey, once common in the original dense vine scrub in the area.

Continue south on the Kingsthorpe Haden Rd to Goombungee.



10 km

Pioneer Arms Hotel on the left

Continue south. Turn left into Goombungee Meringandan Rd to Meringandan West.

At the T junction, turn right into Yalangur Lilyvale Rd

Pass the Lilyvale West Meringandan Park on the left. Toilets

At the crossroads, turn left into the Kingsthorpe Haden Rd towards Kingsthorpe.

At the T junction turn left at Zimms Corner on to the Warrego Hwy towards Toowoomba.

At Charlton, turn right into Omara Rd

At the end of Omara Rd turn left towards Toowoomba into the Toowoomba Cecil Plains Rd

After 100m, turn right into Acton Vale Stud Rd.

At the T junction, turn right into Wellcamp Westbrook Rd

At the Wellcamp School, turn left into Drayton Wellcamp Rd

Continue. Drayton Wellcamp Rd becomes Euston Rd.

Veer left into Greenwattle St, then right into Alderley St.

Drayton Cemetery on your left


48 km

At the crossroad, turn right onto Anzac Ave.

At Sun Pine Furniture, turn left into Parker St.

At the T junction turn right into Brisbane St.

Continue on the Drayton Connection Rd.

National Trust listed Royal Bulls Head in on your right. Established in 1847, the first timber slab Bull’s Head Inn was constructed. to offer lodgings and stables for animals. The Bull’s Head Inn was extended in 1859 by constructing what we see today, a then luxurious two-story hotel that even included a bathroom!

Cross the Rail line and turn right into Shepperd Rd.

At the T junction, turn left into the Toowoomba Karara Rd

Continue south through Cambooya to Nobby on to Cudmores Rd, turning left into Mt Kent Boundary Rd.


36 km

Visit Rudd's Pub, the home of Dad and Dave.

Continue south to Clifton



 8 km

The Clifton Jam Factory and Café is worth a visit.

Turn left into East St and follow the Gatton Clifton Rd.

Turn left into the New England Hwy, and then right to continue on the Gatton Clifton Rd to Grantham.

The Heifer Creek Campground is about half way along.

Turn left into Grantham Winwill Rd to Grantham


62 km

Turn left in Grantham on to the Gatton Helidon Rd toward Helidon.

Look for evidence of the flash floods that swept across in January 2011, destroying many houses and killing 12 people. Houses have been rebuilt on a new site on a hill to the north west.

Pass under the Warrego Highway and at the T intersection, turn left on to Gunn Street (at the Criterion Hotel).

Take the first left across Sheep Station Creek. Continue on across Lockyer Creek, veer right then first left to the Warrego Highway. Turn right onto Warrego Highway.

Continue on Warrego Highway and turn right onto Postmans Ridge Road.

This right turn will soon be blocked by the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing. You will need to continue to the right turn off the Highway to Murphys Creek Road.

Turn right on to Murphys Creek Road (Spring Bluff).

Spring Bluff Railway Station is a heritage listed site located on the main railway line between Ipswich and Toowoomba. Its significance stems from 150 years of railway history and the attraction of its beautiful landscaped gardens.

At the T intersection, turn right onto the New England Highway. Ride north to Crows Nest.

Crows Nest

74 km

Accommodation available at Caravan Park, Motel, Pub and nearby B & Bs.

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