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Lake Wivenhoe 245 km

Lake Perseverance, Northbrook Parkway, Fernvale, Lake Clarendon, Spring Bluff.

Brisbane's water supply and flood mitigation for the Brisbane River. Check out the hydroelectricity power station on the eastern side. Try the pies at Fernvale. 

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Lake Wivenhoe Tour map

Crows Nest

Fuel up at Crows Nest Fuel Supplies. 

Head south on the New England Hwy (A3) towards Toowoomba.

Turn left into Charles St and  follow the signs to Lake  Perseverance.

Lake Perseverance

 9 km

You may see Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies on the rocks at the base of the dam wall.

Water is pumped up to the crest of the range at Grapetree. From here it runs downhill to Toowoomba.

Continue to Esk Hampton Rd. Turn left down the range to Esk.

In Esk, pass the the Esk Sport and Recreation Reserve which has toilets.


At the Brisbane Valley Hwy, turn left towards Toogoolawah

(The Esk Visitor Information Centre is to the right,a bit further south opposite Lions Park.)

4 km north, turn right onto Esk Kilcoy Rd towards Somerset Dam

Cross the Brisbane River at O’Shea’s Crossing Rest Area.

Turn right onto Wivenhoe Somerset Rd over the Stanley River. 

(If you reach Somerset Dam, you have gone to far.)

Swing south to the Northbrook Parkway.

Northbrook Parkway

89 km

Northbrook Parkway climbs the D'Aguilar Range to Mt Glorious.

Continue south on the Wivenhoe Somerset Rd past Splityard Creek Dam and the Wivenhoe Power Station.

Water is pumped from Wivenhoe Dam into Splityard Creek Dam. During peak demand, water is released from Splityard Creek Dam through tunnels to the turbines that drive the  generators. In this way, Wivenhoe Power Station works like a giant rechargeable battery.

Continue to the Brisbane Valley Hwy.

Turn left towards Fernvale. Cross the Brisbane River to Fernvale


20 km

The Old Fernvale Bakery has won more national awards in the Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition than any other pie shop in Queensland. Try one!

Visit the Fernvale Futures Complex or the Sunday Markets

Return north and turn left past the school onto Forest Hill Fernvale Rd.

At the T junction, turn left to remain on the Forest Hill Fernvale Rd.

At the crossroads, turn right onto Lake Clarendon Way.

Lake Clarendon

35 km

The lookout over the Lake is half a kilometre north along the Main Green Swamp Rd.

Continue past Lake Clarendon and turn left onto the Gatton Esk Rd.


Travel a kilometre south to join the Warrego Hwy toward Toowoomba.

Turn right onto Murphys Creek Rd. Travel through Murphys Creek to Spring Bluff

The short-cut via Postmans Ridge Rd will be blocked in 2017 by the The Second Range Crossing. From here on you will see much construction work for TSRC.

Spring Bluff

51 km

Spring Bluff Railway Station is a heritage listed site located on the main railway line between Ipswich and Toowoomba. Its significance stems from 150 years of railway history and the attraction of its beautiful landscaped gardens.

There are a café and toilets. An old open-sided dance floor was built in 1907, and was a popular destination by train from Toowoomba in early years.

In 1942 the Darling Downs 25th Battalion left Cabarlah barracks at 2am and marched down the steep Range to the siding at Spring Bluff Railway Station. The soldiers boarded trains bound for the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds, Townsville and eventually Milne Bay.

Continue up the Range to meet the New England Hwy. Turn right for Crows Nest.

Crows Nest

42 km

Accommodation available at Caravan Park, Motel, Pub and nearby B & Bs.



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