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Other Crows Nest Parks

Centenary Park, tennis courts.

Centenary Park

Town Square. Charlotte St, Crows Nest 4355Map.

Located in the heart of Crows Nest town. This park features various precincts including a central grassed forum, gallery walk and arbour, memorial precinct, Jimmy Crow precinct, children's play precinct, and performance space.

The park includes barbecue and picnic facilities and toilets. 

Free WiFi is available.

Centenary Park is used widely for community events. The major annual event is Crows Nest Day in October when the World Championship Worm Race takes place.

Tennis courts

The Crows Nest Tennis facility comprises of 2 tennis courts with artificial grass and lights.
Refer to onsite signage for court booking
10 Toowoomba Road, Crows Nest, QldMap

Toowoomba Road Park

Located adjacent to the Crows Nest tennis courts is a small recreational area.
8 Toowoomba Road, Crows Nest, QldMap

Tower Court Park

A small park with no facilities in Tour Park Court. There is a water supply reservoir in the park.
6 Tower Park Court Crows Nest Qld Map


Origin of a Name?

One story is that Crows Nest is named after an aboriginal man called Jimmy Crow, who lived in a hollow tree near the present police station. Timber hauling bullock teams would stop in this area overnight and Jimmy Crow used to give them directions. There is a 6 ft statue of Jimmy Crow in Centenary Park, Crows Nest to honour this legend. For another version of the origin of the name see the story of Bullockys Rest.

jimmy crow