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Bird trails

Each trail has a number of sites. with a brief description of the habitat, how to get there, GPS readings  and a few of the birds you might find there. (The South trail is no longer kept up to date.)

Natural Environment

The district stretches along the Great Dividing Range  north of Toowoomba.


The South Burnett Province of the Southeast Queensland Bioregion, with its basalt flows interspersed with sedimentary rocks, acid volcanics and metamorphics. Major vegetation types include rainforest, eucalypt woodlands, and open forest. It is part of the Upper Brisbane River catchment.


The Eastern Darling Downs Province of the Brigalow Belt Bioregion. The more productive lands here have been extensively cleared for farming and grazing. Streams flow west as part of the Condamine catchment of the Murray-Darling River system.


The district offers a wide range of natural and tourist attractions, with plenty of places to stay, from camp grounds to top of the range B&Bs.


All of the sites are accessible to the public. A permit to traverse is no longer required to access State Forests and Forest Reserves when using a vehicle. Do not enter a logging area that has been signposted. Roads are mostly bitumen or all-weather gravel, but be careful in wet weather.


The Atlas of Australian Birds lists over 300 species of birds in the region, almost half of the total for mainland Australia. The richness of the bird fauna is a result of the wide range of habitats in the area. Download a bird list

(Note: Australian Ravens have not been recorded in this area, so check any corvids you see.)


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Download a 4-page brochure with the North, East and Hampton Trails and a bird list.

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little eagle 325gw
Little Eagle
Crested Shriketit 325gw
Crested Shrike-tit
Red backed Farywren 325gw
Red-backed Fairywren