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Community Growth Action Plan 2022

The result of community consultation

Success for Crows Nest is best determined by the residents themselves, based on their aspirations, ideals and value systems. In order to better understand what these are, Council facilitated a number of meetings with community members to draw out what issues the town is facing, identify what the potential solutions and opportunities might be and to determine which ones should be focussed on as a priority. These have been documented in this Community Growth Action Plan 2022.

The Report

Download the third draft (Nov 2017) of Crows Nest Community Growth Action Plan


The Plan identifies the actions that the Crows Nest community agreed should be the priority for collective effort. They cover a number of areas. Some examples are given. There are many more in the report.


Community and Facilities Examples

  • Public art and sculptures in town
  • Park equipment upgrades

Infrastructure Examples

  • Repair drainage and guttering throughout Crows Nest
  • Upgrade creek crossings

Business and Investment Examples

  • Ease fees and charges to promote development and establish new businesses in Crows Nest
  • Develop an aging in place initiative in Crows Nest

Tourism Examples

  • Develop and grow the Darling Downs Tourism Collective partnership between Crows Nest and Pittsworth.
  • Establish guided tours and paid tourism experiences in Crows Nest


Local Governance and Planning Examples

  • Ease planning scheme to facilitate business expansion
  • Promote uniqueness of the town


The plan will be on the agenda of everyt meeting of the Tourist and Progress Association.

Rich traditions Bold ambitions


Do you agree with these actions? If not, what is more important? Please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.