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Camp Quality esCarpade Sat 28 Oct

They visit Crows Nest this day


Camp Quality esCarpade is Australia’s happiest and wackiest motoring adventure!

Date: 21st - 28th October
Route: Port Macquarie - Toowooomba
Distance: 2,188km
Dirt roads: 64%

The week-long journey is held to raise money to support Aussie kids impacted by cancer.

The event is a culmination of year-long fundraising by teams of entrants (esCarpadians). They spend 12 months decorating their cars (which must be at least 20 years old, i.e. pre-1997) and encouraging people to donate to their fundraising activities.

Each entrant must raise at least $5,000 per car. The money goes directly to Camp Quality and our work to support children impacted by cancer, and their families. 


at Crows Nest

When they pass through Crows Nest they will be stopping off for lunch at the Grand Old Crow Hotel whilst stretching their legs and having a look around town.


camp quality


Camp Quality

Camp Quality’s purpose is to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia.

Right from diagnosis, throughout treatment and in remission or bereavement, their programs support the whole family; at hospital, at home, back at school and away from it all.

This means they support the mums, dads and siblings of kids with cancer too; their research shows that cancer has a huge impact on them and they often feel neglected by support that focuses solely on the child with cancer. This makes their inclusion of these family members across our programs unique, essential and urgent - so they can quickly form a solid support network around their brother / sister or son / daughter with cancer.