Discover Crows Nest 
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While you are here

Where to stay

Accommodation. Quiet and friendly country hospitality at B&Bs, Cottages Motel, Country Pub.

Caravans, camping.

Where to eat

Food and Groceries. Cafés, hotel, takeaways, supermarket.

Wine and local produce. Olives, berries, fruit and vegetables.

What to do

Activities and attractions. Antiques, museums, horse riding, markets.

Arts and crafts. Galleries.

Clothing, accessories, gifts. Shoes, flowers, beads, op shops.

Gardens and nurseries.


Natural Attractions

National Parks. Ravensbourne, Crows Nest Falls

Local Parks and Reserves. The Three Lakes, Bullockys Rest.

Bird Trails. 300 species of birds.

Horse and Bike Trails. Bicentennial National Trail

Drives and Walks. From short walks to all day hikes.

Soft 4WD Trails. Adventure on country roads.

Motorcycle Routes. These are also great car drives.

Cressbrook camp
Camping at Lake Cressbrook


cabarlah pub bikes
Dine at the Cabarlah Pub
steep descent325g
Country road adventure