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Membership Application

For Tourist and Progress Association


Application or Renewal

Please complete the form on this page. New applications will be presented to the next monthly meeting of the Crows Nest and District Tourist Association for approval. You will then receive a tax invoice/receipt.

When you complete the form press the SUBMIT button at the bottom.  For a successful submission this message will appear at the TOP of the form:- 

membership response recorded

If you do not see this message, check your Submission. An error appears with a  red background.

Correct the errors and then submit again.

* Questions marked with an asterix ( * ) must have an answer.

1. Business / Organisation

The official name of the business or organisation. For personal memberships, leave this field blank.


2. Postal Address

3. Phone(s)

Please use spaces e.g. 0417 220 xxx, 07 4698 1xxx

4. Email

This could be the email of the person who enters the form on your behalf.

5. Person

Name of personal member, or contact person for business or organisation.

Please use this format:
Last name, First name; e.g. Smith, Fred.

6. Methods of Payment

The membership for 2017-2018 is $20. The membership year is from 1st April to 31st March.

  • Pay by Cash to the Treasurer at a meeting
  • Pay by Cheque made out to Crows Nest & District Tourist & Progress Association Inc. Post to to  P.O. Box 72, Crows Nest, Qld 4355.
  • Direct deposit to:
    Heritage Bank, BSB: 638 070, Account No.: 7180349,
    Account Name: Crows Nest & District Tourist and Progress Association Inc.
    Reference: “Last name, First name” .
    (From a Heritage account, use Account Type:  S21)

7. Privacy

You may elect for your email and/or phone number not to appear on the published list of members.